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1st Blog Assignment

Objective: Today you will set up a blog using Blogger through your SBISD Google Apps account. 

1. Set up your blog using Blogger through your SBISD Google Apps account. 

2. Open up a web browser. Go to Google and sign in (top right corner) using your google App log in (which is what you use to log in to computers at school) information. 

  • Your google app account email is your normal username login plus 
  • If it is your first time to do this you will see a second log in page where you will be asked to type in a word phrase, on this page deselect the keep me logged in box, only write the word phrase 
  • Now you should be directed to our districts log in page
  • Log in using your google app login ( same as above) 
  • You will be asked to accept google's terms and conditions, click accept.
  • You are now logged in

3. From Google  go to more at the top of the google page, scroll down and click even more.

4. Go to the blogger icon and follow the steps to set up your blog.

  • You will create a school appropriate blog name and url.
  • You will have a google verification code sent to a cell phone. Send the code to either your cell phone or a classmate's.
  • When you receive the code input it and finish setting up your blog. 

Things to consider when creating your blog:
                The url (address) of your blog will be unique. It should be short and easy to remember. All Blogger blog urls start with http:// and end with You create the middle portion. For example our class blog is the “trainingmathletes” portion is the unique portion of that url. You can’t change the url. Write it down NOW. The title of your blog can be different from the url. Choose a title now for your blog. Later you can change the title if its focus changes. 

5. Write a brief post about your experience creating a blog and how you think we can use our blogs in school.

6. Create an avatar at Voki. Then, add it as a gadget to your blog.

7.  Register your blog with Mr. Maurer. From your google apps account and gmail account send Mr. Maurer an email @ with the following information.
1.       Your name
2.       Your class period
3.       Your blog’s url (address)
4.       Your blog’s title
5.       Your display name for your blog – you selected this when you created your blog. 

8. If you are unable to send an email leave a comment on this post with the above information.

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