domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

Integer Operations 3

Objective: Today you will select and use appropriate operations to solve problems and justify solutions with integers.

You will learn and review integer operations and solve problems.

After the lesson you will be able to say "I Know":
1. How to add and subtract integers.
2. How to multiply and divide integers.
3. Solve problems containing integers.

In this station you will explore integer multiplication with the coordinate plane.
Rectangle Multiplication

In this station you will play a game to apply integer multiplication.
Connect 4

In this station you will review all that you have learned this week.
Integer Jeopardy

Discussion: The product of two integers is -48. List the integers that might work in this situation and discuss with your partner what patterns you observe. Write what you find on the closure sheet.

Closure: Explain why the product of a negative integer and a positive integer is a negative, but the product of two negative integers is a positive.

In stations you will work through the following web sites:
Negative Numbers Activity
Tic Tac Go Integers
Algebra Meltdown

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