domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

Table, Graph, Equation, and Situation Tuesday 9/20/11 - Thursday 9/22/11

Objective:You will use graphs, tables, and algebraic representations to make predictions and solve problems

Vocabulary: input, output, equation, variable

After today you will know:
1. That an equation describes the relationship between input and output values in a table, or x and y coordinates on a graphs.
2. How to relate the values in an equation to a situation.
3. How to generate a graph, table, or equation, given any of the three.

First you will explore how tables and graphs are related completing the Block Patterns activities

Then you will practice the concept at mangahigh by 
1. Complete Mangahigh Lesson Point on A Line
2. Play Save our Dumb Planet

3. Play Algebra Meltdown

Evaluation: Juan says the point (-1.5, 0) is in quadrant II. Jessica says it is in quadrant III. Who is right? Explain your thinking.

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