domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

Solving for a Variable Wednesday 9/21/11 - Thursday 9/22/11

Objective: Today you will learn to solve equations using concrete models and the properties of equality, select a method, and solve the equations. 

Vocabulary: formula, literal equation

After today you will know:
1. How to identify the variable to isolate.
2. How to identify the operations on this variable and the order in which they are applied.
3. How to use inverse operations to undo operations and isolate the variable.

First you will watch a video and practice
1. Solving for a Variable
2. Practice Literal Equations

Then you will watch another video and practice
1. Video
2. Practice work in station

Conversation: What is the difference between solving an equation with numbers and only one variable and a literal equation with several variables?

Evaluation: How could you check the solution to a literal equation for accuracy?

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