domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

Solving Equations

Objective: Today you will use models, graphs, and the properties of equality to solve linear equations.

Vocabulary: simplify, inverse operations, solution of an equation

You will be able to say "I Know":
1. How to solve one step equations using inverse operations.
2. How to simplify to solve multi-step equations.
3. How to identify which operation to 'undo' first.
4. How to solve multi-step equations using inverse operations.

In Stations you will watch videos and work examples at the following web sites:
Linear Equations 1
1 Step Equations Matching Game

Linear Equations 2
Solving Multi Step Equations Activity 1

Linear Equations 3
Solving Multi Step Equations Activity 2- Variables on Both Sides

Synthesis: Create a multi step equation. Describe the solution steps and explain why each step is performed.

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