domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

Solving Equations Monday 9/19/11 - Tuesday 9/20/11

Objective: Today you will solve linear equations using concrete models, graphs, and the properties of equality, select a method, and solve the equations.

Vocabulary: Simplify, inverse operations, solution of an equation, 

After today you will know:
1. How to simplify to solve multi-step equations (including distributive property).
2. How to combine like terms.
3. Which operation to 'undo' first.
4. How to solve multi-step equations using inverse operations.

First you will watch a video and practice
1. Equations With Variables on Both Sides
2. Algebra Balance
3. Algebra Balance with Negatives

Then you will watch a second video and practice
1. Multi-Step Equations
2. Algebra Balance
3. Algebra Balance with Negatives
4. Solving Equations with Balancing Strategy

Closure:  What is the product of any number and its reciprocal? How does that help you solve equations?

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