domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

Integer Operations

Objective: Today you will select and use appropriate operations to solve problems and justify solutions with integers.

Vocabulary: integer, positive, negative, opposite, zero pairs or canceling

You will learn integer operations and solve problems.

After the lesson you will be able to say "I Know": 
1. That the sum of one and a negative one is zero (a zero pair)?
2. How to use integer chips or a number line to find the solution to an integer addition problem?
3. How to use a vertical number line, like a thermometer, to find integer sums in a problem situation?

In stations you will work problems at the following web sites:
Using a Number Line
Using a Number Line #2
Using a Number Line Closure answer the question on the closure sheet

Using Integer Chips 
Using Integer Chips #2
Using Integer Chips Closure answer the question on the closure sheet

Discussion: When is it possible to add two negatives and get a negative answer?

Closure: Explain in complete sentences how to add integers using a number line?

Think: How many yards must be gained after a loss of 3 yards for a total gain of 10 yards?

Is addition the same as subtraction? When? Can you write a rule describing when addition behaves like subtraction?

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