quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

Step 2

I started commenting on my co-workers blogs. Most of them I made comments about their content of their Blogs. I really liked looking at their blogs because I learned about the different things that caught their attention. The commenting itself made me think about what they wrote. I think that building and participating in an online community gives you the opportunity to learn about people in a different context. I know my co-workers in one setting at school and the online community gives us yet another setting to express ourselves. I feel that blogging and commenting on others posts gives us an outlet to communicate that is different from our work setting. I feel that it is almost a more intimate world because for me writing is a direct window to my thoughts. The point that stood out the most to me about commenting was providing positive feedback about what people wrote. I think that it builds relationships that have no boundaries, just like the internet. I applied this advice the most in my comments. I have been blogging this summer writing my thoughts about traveling through Peru and Brasil. I have used it mostly as a journal or diary. So for me so far blogging has been a reflective tool. I write about my experiences. And sharing my thoughts in a personal learning network gives my co-workers insight to another side of me as a professional, an educator and colleague.
In the future I plan on following http://www.technologyintegrationineducation.com/ and http://kimcofino.com/blog/ the second site is a blog called always learning, I like it because its author gives many examples of how to integrate technology and blogging into the classroom.

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  1. Hey, Joseph, hope you're safe and having lots more adventures. It's great to hear your thoughts through your blog.

  2. That's the best Voki I have seen.