quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011

Step 7

Asynchronous Learning Project
Objective: Given access to the internet and a Google docs document the learner will review, revise, and take a unit test as each learning objective is covered during
the unit. Each class period will have access to the test and will be able to work on the test, make comments, and provide feedback to both the instructor and most importantly other students. The idea is to have students in all classes collaborate in the learning process.
Implementation: During first unit of the semester and from then on for every unit test and review.
I plan to use Google docs.
The plan is to have students collaborate on successfully completing unit tests and reviews. The idea is to present the students with the test material for a unit at the beginning of a unit and allow them to try it. If difficulties arise the students will be able to collaborate with each other in class and in other classes by commenting on the Google doc and responding to comments/questions.
I hope to convince my math teammates to also use a similar set up so that our classrooms can also work together to meet our unit learning objectives.

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