quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011

Step 6

I created a diigo account. I started an edmodo account, I have a blog and skype. I don't have an example yet of how I am going to use each. I want to start a todaysmeet stream to explore backchanneling during instruction. With diigo I am going to collect websites and videos to share with my students. From there I am going to encourage them to comment on the websites and videos that are related to the lessons we cover in class. With the 11 tools blog, that I am working on now, I am going to create a virtual classroom where my students can access videos of class lessons, supporting videos, and practice work. My goal is to teach my students how to learn to access the web to learn and collaborate with their peers. With skype I want to work with high school and university/college students who are interested in providing in class support over the web. I think that with backchanneling I want to get feedback from my students during lessons. I also like the idea of using google docs to chat with my students about class work and tests that can be accessed online. I think that all the tools will increase participation because they provide another medium in which the students can access the curriculum. I also think that the individualized set up that the virtual medium provides will promote student participation in their own learning. I think that the new web tools will increase student interest in their own learning by providing a multitude of different settings where the student can learn, reflect on learning, participate in class work and discussions, and access learning materials.

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