quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011

Step 8

Things I learned:
how to take photos and videos on Net Books
how to set up an itunes account
and how to synch an ipad/ipod touch to my district laptop

I plan on managing the devices by first talking to the students about what their understanding of expectations are. I then will number and assign each student a device. We will then talk about expectations for classroom use. I will model the expected behavior for using, getting, and returning the devices. I will also model expected  behavior and proving behavior during lessons. There will be procedures that we will practice for going to the area that the net books/ipads are. There will also be procedures that we will practice for getting, using, and replacing the net books/ipads each day. I expect to go over the procedures everyday for the first few weeks of school and after holidays or three day weekends.

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