segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

Step 3

I liked teacher tube and Khan Academy. Khan Academy isn't on the list however I learned about it while traveling this summer. It has thousands of videos to, according to the site, learn almost anything for free. It has a large amount of videos teaching many different math concepts from developmental math to geometry and even calculus. For me it's the most helpful for my content because it provides videos that embedded on a blog, saved to a device, or hot linked to a flip chart can be used in many different ways to facilitate learning. The accessibility of the videos allows students to access topics and learn at their own pace. The videos are organized in order of increasing complexity. Once students understand the videos in one section they are ready to learn the information in the next section. I embedded two videos after I made this post. I think that I will have to save the video and use saveyoutube so that students can view the videos in class. Hopefully that the site can be utilized by my co-workers.
I learned that as long as the copyrighted material is used for face to face learning that you can pretty much use anything. I learned that you can use copyrighted material in a non-profit institution or during classroom instruction without breaking the law.
I used Picasa and searched for pictures related to algebra. I got a lot of different images. When I used the creative common filter I got even more images. Now I think that the most I might use Picasa for is uploading and organizing pictures of students work. I think that I will need to spend more time working with Picasa to figure out ways to integrate it in the classroom.

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  1. Khan Academy has apps for the iPads. Your students will be able to use them in that format.