segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

Step 4

I think that google docs will be a powerful tool to teacher because it will allow us to work on any kind of document any where we can access the internet. In this sense it truly breaks barriers and provides teachers a real time forum in which they can collaborate. If meetings are hard to make, google docs will allow us to work on things together and comment on our work in real time even if we are not face to face. As far as using it as a teaching tool, I see it as a great way for students and teachers to collaborate on assignments. It allows both teacher and student to access assignments or documents anywhere. In essence it expands the idea of classroom, making the experience virtual. I think that as of now I want to use google docs in the classroom as an interactive journal where students can write about topics covered in class and collaborate with each other in real time or when ever they have access to the internet. I am excited about using google docs and the form. The docs as a journal as described above and the form app as a way to allow students to give me feedback about their learning.

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