segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

Step 5

I really like all of the products. I created a word cloud but I wasn't able to figure out how to put it on the blog. I created a comic that you can check out. I also created a xtranormal video. I think that the word cloud can be used as a form of interactive word wall where the students can create a list of math words over time that they hear and use in class. Then they can take the list and create a word cloud. The cloud will highlight the high frequency words. Or we could take tests and word problems and create a word cloud.  Again the cloud will highlight the high frequency words. I think the comic can be used to create word problems that cam be embedded into flipchart or linked to blog posts that students can access. I really like the xtranormal video product. You can create an account for free, however you most likely will have to buy points to publish videos. I think it's worth it though because the videos can be a fun way to introduce a topic. I really like the fact that you can create dialogue which can be used as an interesting way to introduce academic talk to students. Then take them even further by allowing them to create videos/dialogue on their own to show their mastery of not only academic language but the actual content as well. You can see my xtranormal video here.

Or you can watch it below.

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  1. I have to work out some kinks with the video I made with Xtranormal's movie maker. None the less I am excited about the different uses that my students and I can find for it.

  2. This is a cool video! I am wondering if can make one where they can play the violin.

  3. Loved your Xtranormal video! Contact them and let them know that you're an educator and you'll get free points. They gave me 5000. I had to preview my video several times and then go back and make changes to make it flow a little better before I published. Watch it on my blog: